Tactical Medicine: Emergency Casualty Care


The Tactical Medicine (TacMed) class covers basic emergency casualty care. The curriculum is approved by a licensed medical doctor and run by ADI’s own Instructor Corey!

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    Tactical medicine is a specialized field that combines medical knowledge and skills with tactical training. It focuses on providing immediate medical care in high-stress and dynamic situations, often involving law enforcement, military personnel, or civilians in emergency scenarios. Tactical medics are trained to handle injuries in hostile environments and use life-saving techniques, such as trauma care, emergency first aid, and casualty evacuation. Our mission is to bridge the gap between medical care and operational needs, ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals in challenging and hazardous circumstances.



    • Hemorrhage control
    • Proper application of tourniquets, with and without a partner
    • Pressure dressings
    • Hemostatic agents
    • Care for a sucking chest wound
    • Drag and carry techniques to evacuate the wounded
    • Recommendations for your own individual first aid kit (IFAK) — can be purchased in-house