Tactical Medicine: Refresher


Keep your TacMed skills sharp! The curriculum is approved by a licensed medical doctor and run by ADI’s own Johnny V., whose training background includes the USMC, EMT, law enforcement, and SWAT medic.

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    Don’t let your valuable skills fade away, and ensure you’re always prepared for critical situations. Join our expert instructor, Johnny V., for an intensive refresher that covers the latest techniques, protocols, and scenarios. Enhance your proficiency in trauma care, emergency first aid, and casualty evacuation.


    Stay confident, and stay ready. Invest in your expertise with our Tactical Medicine Refresher Course. Limited spots are available, so secure your place today!


    Are you ready to take your life-saving skills to the next level? Before enrolling in our Tactical Medicine Refresher Course, we recommend starting with our comprehensive Tactical Medicine: Emergency Casual Care course.


    Get a solid foundation in trauma care, emergency first aid, and casualty evacuation in our TacMed Course. Build essential knowledge and techniques to lay the groundwork for advanced development in the Refresher Course.


    By mastering the basics in TacMed, you’ll be fully equipped to maximize the benefits of our Tactical Medicine Refresher. Our expert instructors will take your skills to new heights, honing your abilities for high-stress situations.