Pistol 1


This is the perfect place to start for absolute beginners and anyone looking for a refresher. Using real guns retrofitted with lasers and CO2 for recoil, we’ll be covering the parts of a gun, how to hold it, and a basic stance to support you.

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    Pistol 1 is the first class in our Pistol Series. This 2.5-hour class focuses on the most basic of fundamentals skill sets.


    Topics included in this class:

    • Parts of the Gun
    • Grip
    • Stance
    • Five-Count Presentation (aka drawing from the holster)
    • Sight Picture
    • Trigger Control
    • Follow Through
    • Shooting Drills

    We provide everything you need for training, including firearms (serialized Glock .22 retrofitted with lasers), holsters, C02 magazines and magazine pouches! However, we ask that you wear closed-toe shoes and a belt.


    Please bring a government-issued ID such as a driver’s license, passport (including cards), and military IDs.