Cleaning Your Handgun


A clean handgun is critical for reliable performance!  In this hands-on class you will learn how to disassemble and clean your gun, review basic nomenclature including parts of a gun, and discuss how to properly maintain your gun.

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    It is so important to take a few minutes to clean your firearm regularly.  It not only increases the gun’s safety, it improves it’s functionality and accuracy.  Be sure to properly maintain your firearm by learning how to clean your gun properly.  Sign up for our informative and practical class to learn more about achieving these critical objectives!  Our professional instructors know the ins and outs of various firearms and will walk you through how to care for yours properly.


    DURATION: 2 hours
    LOCATION: ADI classroom

    Minimum supplies needed:
    Optional Items:

    Many retailers, such as Amazon, Turners Outdoorsman, BIG 5, etc., will sell complete gun-cleaning kits for a reasonable price. For a full shopping guide, click here!