CCW: Add-A-Gun


Add an additional gun to your CCW permit at any time.

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    Can’t wait until your next renewal to add additional guns to your CCW permit?  This session is a quick way to qualify and add new guns now.  This qualification shoot requires you to fire 24 rounds (for Orange County residents) and 20 rounds (for LA County residents) through the firearm(s) you are adding to your permit.


    Firearm limit per permit, per county:

    OCSD: Unlimited*

    LASD: Three (3)


    *OCSD has recently changed its policy on modifications to CCW-listed firearms (in a good way)! Click here for details.

    • Government-issued ID, preferably a CA Driver’s License
    • ALL of the firearms that you want to add to your CCW
    • Magazines for your firearms (three preferable)
    • 20 rounds for each firearm
    • Eye Protection
    • Ear Protection