IT has arrived!

Live Fire @ Artemis!

On Monday, 02/27/24, the range installation began.

Based on construction schedules and the  permit process, we hope to open registration by April 1, 2024. 



The Ready Range® by Milo is 100% ballistically self-contained.

The Shooting stalls, target retrieval systems, bullet traps, programmable lighting, HVAC, and filtration system meets all governmental requirements and 

our use permit with the city will mandate access to the range for individuals who have contracts with Artemis, thus, access to the live fire at Artemis will be for one of the following criterias; POST (law enforcement), BSIS (armed security), for CCW range qualifications (conceal carry weapon) and to private training appointments for members only.


Ready Range With Kavon

Get to know the Range

It's Only Two Lanes But, it's OUR range!

Self Contained Ready Range

Range Capabilities

  • 23 Feet Shooting Distance
  • Static Shooting from the Table
  • Tactical (moving while shooting) Shooting in front of the Table
  • Static, Moving, or Turning Target @90, 180 and 360 degrees
  • Draw from concealment
  • NOT restricted to one (1) shot per second range rule, but safe shooting is always required!
  • Work on your Skill Sets – Reloads, Flashlight, Malfunctions
  • Handguns & Long Guns up to .223/556, Shotgun Slugs Only
  • Zero, or confirm zero on your optics
The No No’s
  • No Reloads – Factory New Ammo Only
  • No Hollow Point
  • No Steel Core or Armor Piercing
  • No Bird Shot, Buck Shot
  • No .308, .50 Cal BMG


Key package
Package 25 Keys - $2,850
Package 10 Keys - $1,340
Package 20 Keys - $2,400
Package 5 Keys - $715
Package 15 Keys - $1,920
Keys to the Range
Purchase 1 Key - $150/each

Access the Range from may to December 2024

KEYS to the Range For Active Members Only!

There are 2,132 Keys available  for sale to active members only as of March 12, 2024.  Each key entitles you to 1-45 minute private training session/appointment with an Artemis Instructor during regular business hours. Elect to train alone or bring a +1 to your private session and select a course of fire or allow our instructor to choose one for you.  Pre-purchase the keys in bulk and use them as long as you are an active member.  Keys may be sold/transferred to other active members.  Keys, like all our passes will never expire!  However, you will need to manage your keys, we will NOT keep a roster of the keys. 

Details on how to book an appointment are printed on the back of each key.  The ability to reserve your session will go live on or around April 4, 2024.

Support the installation (in other words, help us pay for the installation), and purchase your keys today!

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