Want to avoid accumulating a drawer full of holsters that don’t work for you? Or are you just plain curious about how to carry a concealed firearm? If your answer is yes to either of those questions, then this class is for you. See the full description below ↓

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    Whether you are a CCW holder or are interested in getting yours in the future, this class is open to all. Feel free to bring your other half or friend along! We will have some of the most popular holsters available to try out along with a compact and a mid-size pistol so you can get the true feel of carrying.

    We will also provide tips on clothing, accessories, and choosing a holster/carry method. We will also cover the many options for carrying a concealed firearm, tips and tricks for keeping it concealed, and review various products that may work for you. Our class will include an opportunity to try on various products to give you an idea of  what carrying methods work best for you, before you invest your money.

    Class Agenda:

    • 1st hour:  Powerpoint presentation showing tips for carrying a concealed firearm, types of holsters, and methods
    • 2nd hour:  Product review of some of the most popular holster models
    • 3rd hour:  Student’s opportunity to try on holsters, ask questions, and view the products on hand.

    By the end of the course we’ll help you answer all the same questions we had starting out like, “OK, I have my CCW – Now what?” and “what the heck is a claw and what does it do?!”